Dopřejte svému tělu a mysli potěšení

Find pleasure and harmony in the beautiful surroundings of our wellness center and let us pamper you with a wide range of services that will be the right balm for your body and mind. a nechte se rozmazlovat širokou nabídkou služeb, které budou tím pravým balzámem pro vaše tělo i duši.

As part of our wellness we offer you three types of saunas, private whirlpool, indoor pool, fitness and wide selection of massages and body rituals. and tělových rituálů.

In warmer months you can enjoy the natural swimming pond with crystal clear water. s průzračně čistou vodou.

S ohledem na soukromí a přednost našich ubytovaných hostů  vyžadujeme předchozí potvrzenou rezervaci s recepcí.

Wellness for public is possible, anyway with regard to privacy and our guests' preference we require previous reservation confirmed by our reception.

Wellness opening hours:

Po – Čt:   12:00 – 20:00
Pá – So:   12:00 – 20:00
Ne:        12:00 – 19:00

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Indoor swimming pool 8 m x 3 m and 1,5m deep.

The quality of the water in our wellness area is regularly controlled by the Health Office in Ostrava under the supervision of the Regional Health Authority in Bruntal.

Private whirlpool

A modern whirlpool for four people is a great way to relax.

Since it is separated from the other facilities, it is perfect for a romantic evening for two with a nice bottle of wine.
ve dvou s lahví dobrého vína.


Our masseurs will help you to relax and also recover after exercise.

Thanks to the pleasant atmosphere and relaxing music, you will rest not only your body, but mind as well and you will feel full of new energy.


Our fitness room is equipped with various machines to stretch and strengthen the whole body.

Využít můžete tenisový a squashový kurt, lezeckou stěnu nad hotelem a pro poznávání krásných Jeseníků vám půjčíme elektrokola.


3 types of saunas

Traditional Finnish sauna Vám pomůže při zvýšení přirozené obranyschopnosti a nalezení fyzické i duševní pohody po náročném dni.
Steam sauna s nižší teplotou (okolo 45°C), za to s vysokou vlhkostí má pozitivní vliv na dýchací cesty a dobrou cirkulaci krve.
Bio sauna combines the advantages of both Finnish and steam saunas providing lower temperature and high humidity. It is suitable for people suffering from heart diseases and elderly for whom the traditional sauna is not the best fit.

Outdoor pond

As a part of the wellness area there is also an outdoor pond which is great for cooling down during hot summer days or for relaxing outside.

Wellness & Gourmet balíčky


8 590 Kč do 12 090 Kč pro 2 dospělé a 1 - 2 děti na 2 noci
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Price from 7 300 CZK up to 9 700 CZK for 2 people / 2 nights / a double room
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Price from 5500 CZK to 7600 CZK for 2 nights / 2 adults / a double room
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Price from 7 100 CZK up to 8 900 CZK for 2 people / 2 nights / a double room
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